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A violin, a saxophone and a piano. That is a singular configuration for chamber music of which few composers considered. It is not the case of the french composer Ida Gotkowsky who wrote the Trio lyrique for violin, saxophone alto and piano in 2004. This work represents the basis of the Trio Empreinte’s repertory who also endeavors to defend music not yet heard, for exemple transcriptions for violin, cello and piano pieces. But the specific character of the group lies in the original tone color of this ensemble which offers an extremely varied spectrum of brilliant and sensual sounds which are brought out by the different saxophones.

The Trio Empreinte made it’s Debut in 2013 for the International Woman’s Day. This choice is not trivial, as the three musicians undertake to perform a large number of works by women composers, such as Clara Schumann, Germaine Tailleferre, and also less known composers such as Mel Bonis and Pauline Viardot. This research, together with the first performance of original works, represents the identity of the Trio.

In the season 2014-2015, the Trio Empreinte will have, among other projects, a residence at the Maisonnettes de Gargenville, the old house of Nadia Boulanger. Willing to be strongly involved in the music of our time, it will collaborate with the french composer, Graciane Finzi.

© Trio Empreinte 2023 -  /  Photos : Pauline Brami et Anthony Caillet

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